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Smarty PCTV can turn almost any PC into the Ultimate Smart TV.

Now you can watch live and on-demand TV, Movies and Radio from all around the world.

Better still, it won’t cost you a single cent!

“Better than Apple TV, better than Roku, better than any Smart TV or Set-Top Box”

Here’s what you get with Smarty PCTV:
Smart Yet Simple

Smarty-PCTV quickly transforms any PC into the world’s best Smart TV.

Now you have access to the worlds best live and on-demand tv, movies, and radio, as well as your own media.

It won’t cost you a single cent to download, install or use.

Efficient & Reliable

Smarty-PCTV won’t affect the normal operation of your PC in any way.

If you like, you can even have your PC boot straight into Smarty-PCTV giving you a true Smart TV experience.

It’s also far easier to use than most dedicated Smart TVs.

Your World of Apps

Visit the Apposphere and add all your favourite channels and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer with a single click.

The apposphere includes a vast universe of streaming tv and movie services as well as every radio station on the planet.

Smarty-PCTV Has Arrived!

Be one of the first to use this ground breaking new program.

Get your free copy of this amazing software, by clicking the Download button below.

You can download either the free version or go for our flagship product; Smarty-PCTV Gold. Gold users get a special 50% discount just for being one of our first customers.

With Smarty PCTV you can watch millions of TV Programs and Movies as well as listen to almost 100,000 Radio Stations and Music Services, whenever you want.

It will even play your music and movie collection and can be controlled using a smartphone, hand held remote, or even a mouse.

Its better than any streaming box on the market and puts regular smart TVs to shame.

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See Smarty-PCTV in Action:

Smarty-PCTV is a ground breaking software program that is stunningly beautiful, yet very easy to use. Find out for yourself right now what Smarty-PCTV can do for you, by clicking play...


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