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All Streaming Players Suck!

All Streaming Players Suck!

In our last two blogs we looked at the benefits of streaming TV and movies over traditional forms of TV.

We also examined the great disadvantages in smart TV technology and how they can become outdated quickly and can easily be broken into and controlled remotely by hackers.

Today we are going to look at some of the most popular streaming players on the market. Big-name brands that control most of the streaming box market worldwide.

The theory behind the streaming player is wonderful. It is a little box that you can connect to your TV to convert it into a smart TV. A streaming player can give you instant access to a wide variety of TV programmes, movies and radio stations from around the world.

Although this is a great idea, in practice there are severe drawbacks in virtually every streaming player currently available on the market.

The most popular streaming player in the market looks beautiful, and has a wonderful little remote control that feels great to hold in the hand and should be really easy to operate, right?

Well, wrong I’m afraid!

The Problems:

As I say this particular streaming player is a very big name brand but it gives access to an incredibly limited range of free On-Demand services. If you want to get full use out of it you’re going to need to rent or buy TV programmes and movies from their media store.

Setting it up and getting it working is pretty straightforwards and it has a beautiful interface and feels really great. However, all is fine until you want to start searching for something, and that’s when you start to realize that you may as well be back in the old days of TV when you used to channel hop endlessly to try to find something decent to watch.

You see, the problem is with the remote control. The remote control only has five main buttons. These are up, down, left, right and enter. Now when you want to start searching for something you will be unfortunate enough to discover that you have to wrestle with one of those horrible on-screen keyboards.

You need to use those up, down, left, right and enter buttons to slowly tap out the name of the TV programme you are searching for. That’s perfectly fine if you are just looking for a program that only has only a couple of letters in it like ER. But try searching for Star Gate Atlantis or some other program that has more than just a few letters in it.

The second most popular streaming player looks pretty similar and is also very easy and straightforwards to set up. It has a lot more free as well as premium content than the first one, and you can add hundreds of streaming services pretty easily.

However, the truth is it’s not much better than the first because it too has a very limited remote control. Again it has up, down, left, right and enter buttons. This means that it also uses an on-screen keyboard, and it takes ages to type out and find what you are looking for.

The promise of most streaming players is “watch what you want, when you want”, but because the way they make you navigate and search for programs and movies takes so long, their motto really should be “watch what you want, after tearing your hair out in frustration for half an hour”.

I was at an Internet marketing conference in Arizona a few weeks ago. It was an amazing event and it was Jeff Walker’s product launch formula. I met many people there who were all gearing up to launch their own new products.

During the event, I was speaking with a group of people about our own upcoming launch of smarty PCTV and I was asking them about their own experiences with streaming players and smart TVs. When I asked everyone’s opinion about the remote controls and on-screen keyboards that you get with streaming boxes, you could see the colour drained from their faces.

One guy said “those on-screen keyboards drive me absolutely nuts”.

Another said “I just cant stand tapping out all those letters, and then if you make a mistake you have to go back the beginning again”.

And yet another said “They drive me absolutely insane, I may as well go back to channel hopping on my old TV!”

So, I think you get the point!

As you can see, streaming players have some very serious shortcomings which makes the experience of using them frustrating, and it also slows up your ability to find what you want to watch.

The Solution:

On the other hand, with Smarty PCTV you can use any sort of remote control that you like. You can find some wonderful QWERTY remotes on which will allow you to type out what you want to watch in only a few seconds. Smarty PCTV together with a cheap QWERTY remote will give you the best OnDemand TV, movie, radio and podcasts experience in the world.

You can very quickly find what you want whenever you want, without any stress or frustration. You can also browse and play your own home videos, music collection and photos.

There is even a complete App Store known as the Apposphere where every app is free. There are hundreds of apps to choose from, that give you instant access to the world’s best streaming and OnDemand content.

I hope you have found this short video both illuminating and helpful.

Again thank you for watching, and see when the next one.

Mike Pettigrew

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