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Smarty-PCTV is not just made for live and on-demand TV, or only for streaming Movies and Radio.
It also includes a full media player that will play your entire music collection!

Using the music player is simplicity itself. Just browse to the location of your music library and Smarty-PCTV will do the rest.

You can open and play any album that’s already on your computer. It can even display awesome cover art.

With Smarty-PCTV there’s absolutely no waiting required; simply point and click and your content begins playing immediately.

Now you can listen to your full music collection, watch live and streaming tv, explore the world of movies and radio, and share your home videos with friends and loved ones.


Smart TV on Your PC

Smarty PCTV can turn almost any PC into the Ultimate Smart TV.

Now you can watch live and on-demand TV, Movies and Radio from all around the world.

Better still, it won’t cost you a single cent!


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