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The Death of TV

The Death of TV - Murdered by New MediaThe Death of TV

A few years ago I discovered something wonderful.

I had never been much of a TV watcher and I even referred to it as the electronic time waster! I just couldn’t justify spending ages flicking through TV guides, and endless channel hopping to find something decent to watch.

But that all changed, when I discovered streaming TV, On Demand and catch up services. It was just wonderful to watch the Nine O’Clock News whenever I wished.

My first big discovery was iTunes. At the time there were no iTunes movies available here in Ireland, so we created a US account and bought iTunes gift vouchers to fund the account. This allowed us to watch an enormous amount of movies whenever we wanted and for the first time in a very long time I started to love relaxing and recharging while watching a great movie.

It’s now a long time since I rented an iTunes movie, as the number of streaming services has increased dramatically and it’s now possible to get great movies and even new releases from a wide variety of sources.

I just love the ability to watch what I want, when I want, and I haven’t watched live TV for a very long time. I mean there’s no real point in doing so is there? Unless of course it’s a live event and you don’t want to miss it, like a football game or some other sporting activity.

One great service that our whole family enjoys is Netflix. Our kids just love being able to watch all the Peppa Pig episodes, or Shaun the Sheep etc. Also, there are thousands of TV channels that now offer On Demand and catch up services. All of this at my fingertips means that I haven’t looked at a TV guide to see what’s on, for a very, very long time.

Last year a study in the UK discovered that 26% of the population watches online TV services instead of satellite, cable or a live TV. This year it will be far higher. That’s an incredibly high proportion of the population, but they also discovered that the vast  majority of these people were watching TV using their computers, but not set-top boxes or streaming players.

TV & MoviesThat’s when I got the idea to create a software program that gives a true TV experience on almost any computer.

I mean, you can use a web browser and a whole load of favorites buttons but that looks pretty cluttered and inst exactly a very nice way to watch TV!

Smarty PC TV on the other hand gives you a true smart TV experience where it looks and feels like you’re using a TV and it’s far better than Roku, Apple TV or any other streaming box on the market.

It’s an amazing product and I love it totally, and I think you will too!

Regular TV is now dead…….

Mike Pettigrew

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