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Why Smart TVs Aren’t So Smart

Smart-Idea1Why Smart TVs Aren’t So Smart

…….They’re Actually Pretty Dumb!

Disturbing news has come to light during August 2013 that big name brands of smart TVs can easily be hacked into and controlled.

The web browser, video camera, and other functions can easily be controlled by hackers and this presents very serious problems for owners of smart TVs.

A top internet security research firm recently demonstrated these findings at a hacker’s convention showing just how easy it is to break into a leading brand of Smart TV.

Apart from these serious security concerns, smart TVs generally use under-powered processors that are nowhere near as powerful as your desktop or laptop computer.

A Smart TV is also an expensive investment yet it will become outdated very quickly, even though you end up stuck with it for years to come.

Its therefore important to look at the smart aspect of the TV itself. The actual cost of the “smartness” of a smart TV is very easy to estimate. Its only worth around $100 when you compare it to the most popular streaming boxes available today.

Streaming boxes are a way to make a dumb TV into a smart TV without going to huge expense, but they too have some serious shortcomings as we will explore shortly in another video.

Do you really want to be stuck with your expensive smart TV for the next 10 years or more? I mean you should easily get 10 years use out of most modern TVs but the smart technology part of it will be outdated in only a year or two from now. It doesn’t make much sense does it?!

I had these reservations myself and that’s why our programmers created Smarty-PCTV. It can do far more than any smart TV and is a lot better, faster and easier to use than streaming boxes.

Smarty PCTV will allow you to watch what you want, when you want and is extremely easy to use.

In our next blog we will look at why streaming players suck.

See you in the next one…

Mike Pettigrew


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